Roger Goodell Is Overpaid and Roddy White Isn’t Happy

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Roger GoodellEver wonder how much the Commissioner of the National Football League makes? If you have, you probably shouldn’t because the amount is high enough to make you wanna puke. I’m sure it comes as no surprise that the current NFL Commissioner, Roger Goodell, makes a lot of money, but it was recently reported by Football Talk that Goodell, by the year 2019, will be making a staggering $20 million a year.

If flames are currently shooting out of your nostrils, smoke is coming from your ears and you have officially blown your lid, don’t worry because you aren’t the only one. Wide receiver for the Atlanta Falcons Roddy White also isn’t too pleased with the salary of Goodell and has taken to Twitter to express his discontent.

White’s tweets basically came together saying, “How in the hell can you pay a man this much money, that can’t run or tackle or catch? Roger Goodell is getting over, never seen anything like it, 20 million for looking over the league with tremendous help. I guess the NFL is banking. The NFL is not a company, it’s a nonprofit organization that makes a lot of profit.”

Granted, we do live in a Capitalist society where, if you can achieve it, you can make as much money as possible, even if that amount is enough to feed a third-world country for the next 20 years. In addition, it isn’t like White is underpaid, as the wide receiver just signed a 6-year contract with the Falcons worth $48 million.

I think what it boils down to is that everybody in the NFL (and all of sports for that matter), whether they be suit-wearing businessmen or helmet-wearing players,¬†is overpaid. I mean let’s be honest, how does the NFL really benefit society? I’m not saying we should get rid of it or anything, I’m just saying maybe we need to reevaluate how much we pay people to play a game for 5 to 6 years.

Source: Yahoo! Sports – Roddy White isn’t thrilled with Roger Goodell’s $20 million salary

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Oakland Raiders Get an Absurd New Stadium Name

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Oakland Raiders stadiumSo, whenever I think of professional sports stadiums, or even some well-known and high-class college sports stadiums, I think of names that have meaning or that sound intimidating or are just plain normal. However, there are some stadiums out there that tend to go overboard when picking a name. Maybe they choose it because of the sweet endorsement deal they get from it or maybe they just love being the butt of the joke, who knows?

Now the National Football League has been pretty consistent with having normal or acceptable names if you don’t count the short career of Land Shark Stadium. However, all that is about to change thanks to the lackluster Oakland Raiders out of Oakland, California as the stadium in which the Raiders, as well as the MLB’s Oakland A’s, play all their home games is about to change its name.

That’s right, the Oakland-Alameda Coliseum Authority has just announced that the Oakland-Alameda County Coliseum shall hence forth be known as the¬†Coliseum. That’s right, the Coliseum. This new agreement with the internet retailer will run for a total of 6 years and costs $7.2 million.

However, even this name might not be permanent as is considering changing their name from to simply also has the right to change the name of the stadium to Coliseum at any time they wish. I can hear the Sports Center commentators now.

This name is not the most absurd stadium name ever created, I mean it could be worse, it could have a name like the KFC Yum! Center. What do you think? Yay or nay on the new stadium name?

Source: Yahoo! Sports – The Oakland Raiders get a new, ridiculous stadium name

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