Creepy Propaganda from Copenhagen

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If you haven’t seen the short film which Copenhagen organizers used to “start off” their summit, be prepared for your head to explode. You might want to cover your carpet and walls with plastic. I’ll wait….(insert jeopardy theme song here…)

I’ve seen propaganda films, many of them from WWII and the Cold War Era. And the purpose of those films is to drum up support for various causes. The United States made them to help fund the war with the purchase of war bonds and to promote the rationing of goods to ensure America was victorious in WWII. The Nazi’s used them to promote hate against Jews and the rest of Europe. We know it works, if you bombard people with bias and cut out the truth you can convince anyone that your cause is right and just.

Unfortunately, the propaganda film that kick started COP15 isn’t just a bias scare tactic, it comes on the heels of the greatest scandal in scientific history, Climategate. If you’ve been living in a cave in Afghanistan with Osama Bin Ladin here’s the deal on Climategate: hackers gained access to the email accounts of some the top global warming researchers. (PoliticaMath has a great visual on the CRU emails) The emails blatantly state that the data global warming researchers were using to convince the world of an impending environmental holocaust were doctored. As in, made up. As in, not true. As in, A LIE. Big shocker there. (sarcasm)

When I saw this video this afternoon, I couldn’t believe it. The level of Global Warming propaganda is scary!! The video  has millions of views on youtube alone. See for yourself:

Please help save the world….from the climate-frauds in Copenhagen!!!!