FoxNews Pulls the Plug on YouTube Channels

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Reported yesterday at Gawker, and Raw News, FoxNews has sent out DMCA take down notices to YouTube channel owners.

In both the stories above, they claim they were attacks on liberal bloggers. And it certainly looked that way because the first one to go down was News1News, the most used YouTube channel for liberal bloggers. The owner of the channel was sent a DMCA take down notice and all his uploaded content was gone. Also gone, every video on every blog that ever used that channel, including sites like Huffington Post, Gawker, Mediate, and others. The liberal bloggers were in a frenzy and claimed it was a new war on FoxNews. Initially it looked like an extreme case of FOXNEWS vs Liberal Bloggers.

By the end of the night, there were more channels being taken down by FoxNews. GlennBeckDailyClips, a channel many conservatives use to catch clips of FoxNews commentator Glenn Beck, and ConservativeNation were both suspended. ConservativeNewMedia, another popular conservative YouTube channel, took down all of their FoxNews content but their channel remains.

There’s no telling what FoxNews’ motive is here. Yes, its technically their content, and they are full within their rights to pull the plug, but to prevent MILLIONS of people from accessing these YouTube channels also prevents Millions of people from viewing the shows and content of FoxNews. Maybe they’re just trying to drive traffic to their site, where you can also find videos to embed on your blogs/websites. But if you’re like me and nearly everyone else who uses a free blog service, like wordpress, what you see below is as far as you’ll get to an embedded video on your blog.

NOT A VIDEO!—> Watch the latest business video at

Instead we’re going to have to link to videos. So if you feel like watching one, here’s a link to the “Greg-alogue”, from RedEye last night.

WTF FoxNews?!?!

Update: Since I can still add YouTube Videos, here’s a interview with Rupert Murdoch which could explain the motive for Fox to remove their YouTube content, money. (h/t @Stefan_MK1)