Time Travel Movies Banned in China

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Back to the FutureSo America isn’t perfect, that is for sure, but I have no problem saying that we are better in some ways than other countries. Take China for example. China has a lot of great things going on but they also have some truly absurd things. One such thing is the country-wide ban on any movie dealing with time travel. Yep, you won’t find Marty McFly or Doc Brown anywhere in China these days.

You can’t make things like this up. China has recently banned any and all movies that contain the following: fantasy, time-travel, random compilations of mythical stories, bizarre plots, absurd techniques, propagation of feudal superstitions, fatalism, reincarnation, ambiguous moral lessons or a lack of positive thinking.

Uh wow… that definitely narrows down the entertainment options in China. And we here in America have the audacity to complain about some of the things our government does. The Chinese government does not want people “rewriting history” because they feel like it goes against “Chinese heritage”, whatever that means.

If there is one thing we DO NOT tolerate here in America, it is the censorship of things like writing, film or art. Sure, it would be understandable if the Chinese government censored movies that related to governmental topics, representatives, or anything else dealing with the government in hopes to not make themselves look bad to the public, but time travel? Seriously?

Think about it, America, that means NO Bill and Ted movies, NO Back to the Future movies, NO Terminator movies, and that’s only time travel, not to mention all the other things that were banned. This is one reason why I am HAPPY to live in America.

Source: The Stir – China Doesn’t Want ‘Time Travel’ Movies Corrupting Its Citizens

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