Segway Company Owner Jimi Heselden Dies…Riding a Segway

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Don't do it!

As hard as everyone tries, it is inevitable they they will reach the end of their long  journey. Sometimes, that end is a little more embarrassing than others. Last Sunday the owner of Segway Inc. perished in an ironic twist of fate when he drove a Segway off  a cliff and into a river. Making this tragedy even more hard to believe is the fact that Jimi Heselden had only owned the Segway company since December. This blogger thinks that maybe that was an unwise purchase.

Last Sunday it was reported that Jimi Heselden had perished when he lost control of an ATV version of the Segway and plummeted to his demise over an 80-foot cliff. When the news went public about just how Heselden died, Segway Inc went into damage control mode, saying that “Segway Inc. stands behind the safety of its Segway PT product when used in accordance with the User Materials. Mr. Heselden believed in the Segway PT product, and we know that he would want us to get back to work at Segway Inc.”

I applaud the can-do attitude of Segway Inc, but the undeniable humor of a man who used to make protective walls for soldiers in battle meeting his demise at the hands of a Segway cannot be good for publicity. The Segway already got a bit of negative media coverage a few years back when President Bush took a dive off of one of the two wheeled vehicles. Back in 2001 when the Segway was only known as the “It” and “Project Ginger”, speculations were abounding about the fantastic new product, and the reality of the vehicle failed to impress.

All humor aside, the death of Jimi Heselden is a tragedy for his family and company, but it can be taken as a message to other business tycoons, that even though you like a product and have the money to buy the company, maybe it’s not the best idea. If Mr. Heselden had been a little more informed about the Segway and a little less a fan of it, then maybe all of this could have been avoided.

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Justin Bieber Has It Rough

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A lot can be said for the perks of being famous. The money, the popularity, the ability to have everything you could ever want, the possibilities seem endless. Tween super star Justin Bieber has made himself a household name and a favorite subject of all things teenage and female. Boys in high schools across the world probably pine to be him, if only to get the attention of one special girl, but in reality Bieber has it rougher than imagined. In his light speed ascent to fame he has acquired quite a few big name enemies.

Bieber’s biggest enemy seems to be  internet image board 4chan. Earlier this year a photo surfaced of Justin Bieber with the less-than-angelic Kim Kardashian, and this sparked 4chan users to hop on their desktops and trend the phrase “Justin Bieber Syphilis” to the top of Google trends in the US. A few hours into the campaign the search phrase was pushed to number one on Google trends, promoting bloggers to jump on the bandwagon and write blogs containing the phrase to boost their own hits.  Of course, Bieber is disease free, but this was only the beginning for the poor little guy.

Justin Bieber soon learned the hard way that once 4chan smells blood, there is no calling them off. One of Bieber’s many websites posted a poll asking fans to vote on which company that Bieber should play a special concert in. Everything went as planned at first, with many hits for the expected countries, until 4chan got a hold of the website and poll. Within hours the votes soared and a clear winner emerged. Legitimate fan girls pouted, and it’s likely that Bieber peed his pants a little when his next destination was revealed: North Korea. No trip to the beaches of Australia or rural America for Bieber! Instead it appeared he was destined to rock out with Kim Jong-il. Bieber, of course, did not go, his security would never allow it. Who can blame him?

Pranks like this are good for a laugh but also serve to remind us that being famous isn’t all it is cracked up to be. You may get all of the ladies before you can even drive, but you also may get scheduled to perform in dangerous dictatorships.
So next time you’re feeling bitter about someone like Bieber, remember that he has problems too, just not like the ones we do.

9/11 Truther, Lawrence O’Donnell, Loses His Mind–LIVE!

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Truthers can be a scary lot. As seen in this video of 9/11 troofer, Lawrence O’Donnell on the Morning Joe. He viciously attacks Marc Thiessen sternly pointing his finger at the camera while saying that Bush invited 9/11. From there you hear Joe Scarborough in the background saying, “Lawrence…Lawrence…” off camera he’s probably looking nervously at a producer or boom mic operator trying to figure out who’s going to come and tackle O’Donnell like a linebacker to make him shut up. But no one comes to save O’Donnell from his on screen meltdown. Instead, we get a full minute of insanity. Thiessen tries to form a rebuttal but can’t quite overpower the crazy.

My favorite line comes from Joe: “We’re going to break, RIGHT NOW,” as he pulls his mic closer to his mouth, “We’ll be right back and I’m going to be interviewing Marc, by myself.”

Matthews: "Dude, I totally almost forgot Obama was black for an hour!"

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Yeah…I’m sorry folks but it’s another beautiful reminder of why we all love laugh at Chris Matthews. This guy…I mean…seriously…wow…I am nearly speechless, like Obama without his trusty teleprompter. (ba-da-dum)

Via: Snark and Boobs


Matthews is THAT guy, you know the one, the one who says “I’m not racist, I had a black friend in college.” That’s totally who Chris Matthews is.

Olbermann’s lead was about how Obama was talking to Americans…not congress, and suddenly Crazy Chris spins it into this post-racial rant, which is really just bottom line racist, in my opinion. I think most Americans, and correct me if I’m wrong, don’t view Obama as some Black Dude in the White House, he’s just a Dude in the White House, messing things up like most of the other Dudes that came before him.

His race has nothing to do with his inability to lead, Jimmy Cater was white AND a peanut farmer and he was terrible too. Does that mean I’m a peanutist? No, I’m eating peanut M&M’s right now. Oh wait, I think I just pulled a Matthews…lemme call the ACLU quick to make sure I didn’t offend anyone. I’ll get back to you guys on the status of my peanutism.

“I was watching, I say, wait a minute, he’s an African-American guy in front of a bunch of other white people. And here he is President of the United States, and we’ve completely forgotten that tonight.”

Dear Crazy Chris, isn’t post-racial America SUPPOSED to forget he’s black? Isn’t post-racial America suppose to see past the color of one’s skin and look at the content of their character? No? Really? I could have sworn that’s what Martin Luther King Jr. would have wanted. Damn public schools! Again, I’ve apparently been misinformed.

Well, keep trying little buddy, one of these days you’ll get it.

(The ACLU called me back and said I’m not a peanutist, and they’re charging me a $15 “am I an -ist or not?” service fee. Totally worth the money!)

Chris Matthews *Hearts* Sarah Palin?

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Chris Matthews Sarah PalinLike most of the rest of the country, I don’t watch NBC and I don’t think I have since “Friends” went off the air. Heck, until this week, I didn’t even know Conan O’Brien had taken over “The Tonight Show.”  I used to watch “Sunday Night Football,” until they added Keith Olbermann to the mix, and then I decided six hours of football was enough for one day. And I certainly don’t watch any of their “news”/political programming. I can’t even tell you where the network’s  liberal little sister, MSNBC, falls on my cable channel line-up or what time that show with that one chick who kind of looks like a mix between my 8th grade gym teacher and Anderson Cooper comes on. But what I can tell you is this: Chris Matthews has got to be one of the most vile human beings on earth.

What does one person have to have happen in their lifetime that makes them become so angry and hateful? I don’t watch “Hardball,” but it seems as though Matthews makes some other network’s  headlines every other day by putting someone down, taking things out of context and just flat-out lying about people he obviously doesn’t like or want to understand. This week alone, Matthews has gotten his thrills by by putting words in Rush Limbaugh’s mouth and calling tea party attendees “racists,” and obsessively calling Sarah Palin stupid and out-of-touch. 

I have to admit, I find his obsession with Sarah Palin kind of strange since she seems to be the person most likely NOT to give him a tingle up his leg.  But after watching a few clips from his shows, I’m willing to bet she gives him a tingle somewhere else.  Seriously, if you find someone to be such a waste of space, why would you spend the precious minutes of your national television show putting them down? We know it’s not for the ratings; Matthews bashes her consistently and has for the last year and a half, but as of the end of December, he was averaging, oh, about 58,000 viewers and  his numbers seem to be steadily declining. 

So, what did Matthews have to say this week?  First of all, upon announcing Palin had signed on to be a Fox News contributor, Matthews asked, “How can she be a pundit? She doesn’t know anything.”  Don’t worry, Chris, most of us wonder the same thing about you.

But on Thursday, after Palin appeared on Glenn Beck’s show (a show that coincidentally attracted over three million viewers; how many times does 58,000 go into three million?), Beck asked her who her favorite Founding Father was. Palin answered the question by essentially saying “all of them” and explaining why she said that, but eventually said she favored George Washington. Of course, this answer wasn’t good enough for Matthews, who if I had to guess, probably hates all the Founding Fathers for, ya know, founding this horrible country. He insinuated that Palin had no idea what she was talking about, that she was totally clueless on American history, and this is what makes her so darn out-of-touch. Yes, because when I think of out-of-touch, unpatriotic Americans, Sarah Palin is the first person who comes to mind.  Matthews said,

“You know in school when you didn’t read the book and you had to answer the essay question of the book and you hadn’t read it. “I thought the book was interesting at times, sometimes it was boring but a lot of it was very interesting.” The book you didn’t read. That’s her story. America is the book she didn’t read and yet she’s running around the country as this patriotic icon of American what? She doesn’t know us.”

Earlier in the week, Matthews took several other shots at Palin, while interviewing the authors of the book Game Change.  He had lines like, “Is it possible that her head was really that empty?…Has she ever taken an SAT afternoon exam,” “don’t put her on Jeopardy,” and something about “neo-cons” taking a “cruise to Alaska” where Palin was “standing at the docks with an empty head saying, ‘I’m willing to say what you want me to say.'”

I really don’t get why Matthews is so obsessed with her. As I said, it’s not like it’s helping his ratings. And I can’t think of any other single political commentator who appears to have such a need to constantly put down a person who doesn’t even hold a political office anymore and hasn’t in six months.  George W. Bush not withstanding.  Sure, people like Beck and Limbaugh are constantly picking on Obama, but um, he actually has the power to do things that affect their lives. Is he threatened? Is he jealous? Is it some sort of weird pent-up sexual energy (hey, if the POTUS gives him tingles, you never know). Maybe it’s a little bit of all the above, but I can’t help but picture Matthews, sitting in his home at night, cutting out articles and pictures of the former governor and taping them to his wall like some sort of crazed lunatic.

Here’s my advice to Matthews:  instead of focusing so much energy on someone who is essentially a private citizen, someone you, yourself, have dubbed unintelligent and irrelevant, how about focusing on the people who do matter?  When questioned about your biased reporting, you said, “My job is to help this country.”  How do you help the country by making the same old tired jokes about Sarah Palin? Don’t you owe your viewers more than letting on how much she gets under your skin?  Or are you such an elitist jackass that your show is not about helping this country or your viewers, but helping your self-centered agenda?

MSNBC to host 2-hr special on race: "Hope and Fear in Obama's America"

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Yes, that title is correct, MSNBC is going to to have a 2-hour special event on race relations in America. Hosted by the king of racial lies himself, Chris Matthews and Tom Joyner, host of “The Tom Joyner Morning Show” and author of “The Fly Jock’s Blog”. Here’s an excerpt from his blog about what the special will be like:

On the King Holiday Weekend 2010, I will co-host an MSNBC town hall special about race in America with Chris Matthews. This is also an important story because it will give me and you a rare opportunity to participate in a much needed discussion about whether racism is still a relevant topic now that President Obama has been elected. Of course, we know that it is. But now, we will get a chance to say why.

Having an audience of 8 million mostly African-American people is always a good thing, but it’s a crucial thing when mainstream America wants to know what’s on our minds. Together, we can give provide honest questions and answers about racism in this country.

In the days leading up to January 18th, I will be using this blog,, the Text Tom club, the morning show and all of its resources to garner your opinions about some of the specific topics that will be addressed on the program. Among the topics: Does Post-Racial America Exist? (Yep.) Is Affirmative Action Necessary? (duh!) and Generational Colorblindness. Isn’t it funny that usually the only people who claim they don’t see color always end up telling you they’re married to a black person?

Of course, the traditional, easy way to tackle these topics is to get the same old people to say the same old things. Not knocking any of the people who have sat on panel after panel after panel to talk about race in America in past years. But it’s almost impossible to get any new perspectives on issues unless we solicit information from varied sources, and from what I can see, at this point, that’s what this MSNBC town hall Meeting will attempt to do. Chris Matthews and I will not talk to a panel of your “usual suspects” about hopes and fears in Obama’s America.

So, in case you missed it, the show date is January 18th, at 10pm. Be sure to tune in. It should be interesting…to stay the least.

Olbermann and Maddow say CIA hid intelligence on panty bomber with intent to hurt Obama.

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(h/t Ace of Spades and Olbermann Watch)

Now, I know Keith Olbermann is crazy. And I know for a fact Rachel Maddow is a few fries short of a happy meal, but the level of pure insanity these two nut job maniacs have reached is a brand new one.

“So now we don’t just have terrorists trying to kill us, the right is trying to kill Americans with the sole purpose of bringing down Our Dear Leader President Obama.” -Keith Olbermann

ARE YOU FREAKING KIDDING ME?!?!?!?! Just listen as John Gibson lays it all out on his show.

Brit Hume tells Tiger to convert

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Ok, here’s the video….I’ll comment below:


Alright, first of all, it’s about time those damn righties give me something to write about. (hahaha…) Second of all, “Ohhh Brit…” I mean, don’t get me wrong, I really do like Brit as a political commentator, I do, but to encourage someone to convert to Christianity to be properly forgiven for his adulterous ways is just…wth-ish/isthisreallynews?

I’m not usually one to get all religious on your asses because I honestly have a “to each their own” mentality to religion. (There are exceptions to that rule, such as killing in the name of your religion, that is just plain wrong and a moral issue, not so much a religious one.) I’m also not one to tell you that your religion or lack of religion is wrong, that’s not my thing. I do think Brit probably could have taken a different approach to this topic, but he chose to not only attack the Buddhist faith but he told Tiger to “turn to the Christian faith and you can be a great example to the world.” Ugh. That just makes my skin crawl with TV evangelical creepiness. And yes, I would feel the exact same way if Mr. Hume had told Tiger to convert to Buddhism, Paganism, Islam, Judaism, Atheism or Communism while bashing another religion.

All that being said, I’m not so much bothered that religion was brought into the conversation, it is bothersome that one religion was bashed and another promoted as the more “forgiving and redemptive” or the RIGHT path for Tiger to follow. But I digress…

…to each their own…

Rock the Vote to American youth: "Use sex to sell Obamacare."

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(h/t: Ace at Ace of Spades HQ)

The newest rock the vote campaign is surely one of their finest works. The video (below) basically states that if you’re for health care reform you should use sex as a tool (seriously, that pun was unintended) not only to buy poppers on Amazon, but also to tell potential suitors or more accurately, sex partners, that you won’t sleep with them because their views on health care are different than yours.

Yes, really. Yes, Rock the Vote is telling young voters to use sex appeal, and more blatantly, SEX to SELL Obamacare. WHAT THE….oh hell, just watch the video.


Apparently their logical arguments to support health care reform are all used up. But hey, at least they got this great little pledge:

We pledge ourselves to the health and liberty of young Americans. And to government for the people. We pledge to educate ourselves to stand against those who fight us. With mind, body and spirit. And to never f***ing you if you are against us. We will vote against you, work against you and once again, just in case you forgot, never, ever, never, ever, never ever, never ever f*** you.

Bipartisan? Yeah right. A classy bunch of individuals? Not a chance. Teaching young people how to get involved in the political process? Right on target! “Dear young people across America, if you can’t use your intellect to get involved in the political process, don’t worry, you can use your body. Sex sells…Obamacare, b**ches.”

NOTE: For those wondering, yes, that is Susan Sarandon’s daughter. The resemblance is striking, no?

Break-up of the year? Olbermann and Obama to end year-long lovefest??

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H/T: SnarkandBoobs at IOTW

I know, I spend a lot of time harping on Olbermann here, and that’s mostly because he’s an easy target because his bias is always showing. But truth be told, I was hit by a bit of “shock and awe” when I saw that he decided to announce to the world his contempt for the Health Care Reform Bill last night.

( has the video, I suggest you watch it, it’s nearly unbelievable.)

Olbermann says:

“The Senate Bill with the mandate must be defeated, if not in the Senate, then in the House.

It’s amazing to even hear those words coming out of his mouth. Especially given his undying love support for Obama this year. I can’t even imagine the level of disappointment and sadness he’s feeling now.

But then he goes on to say, in an even more empowered and defiant tone:

And if still the bill, and this heinous mandate become law, there is yet further reaction required. I call on all those whose conscience urges them to fight to use the only weapon that will left to us if this bill as currently constituted becomes law. We must not buy federally-mandated insurance, if this cheesy counterfeit of reform is all we can buy. No single payer? No sale. No public option? No sale. No Medicare buy-in? No sale.

Whoa!! So what you’re saying Keith is that YOU’RE against the whole federally mandated health insurance plan?? You’re against the government FORCING people to purchase their crap coverage? I’d pat you on the back if I wasn’t rolling on the floor laughing at your loss.

The best part, and this must have just been a dagger to his little cold heart:

And I hereby pledge that I will not buy this perversion of health-care reform. Pass this at your peril, senators. And sign it at yours, Mr. President. I will not buy this insurance. Brand me a law-breaker if you choose. Fine me if you will. Jail me if you must.

Now, I highly doubt that Obama is going to be as heartbroken as Ol’ Olbermann is, but its rather striking that even the lefties are ticked off about this bill. Actually, it’s pretty scary, because you know once the Left starts eating their own something is wrong.

And maybe the most ridiculous part about the whole rant on health care is when Olbermann segwayed to Maddow where she says, “Thank you Keith, I know…I know that was a difficult conclusion to arrive at.”

Kind of like when you decide it’s time for a divorce. Again, it would be sad if it wasn’t so hilarious to see a couple hardcore Obama-lovers realize “The One” isn’t. Boohoo!