Ignore Us And We Will Ignore You!

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Ignore Us And We Will Ignore You – Why Conservatives Should Breakup With The Main Stream Media

It sounds so simple. So childlike. Yet I would argue that it has been the simplicity of the left’s attacks on conservatives, and the media’s simple plan to avoid the issues that might damage President Obama, that have directly lead to his re-election.

With that being said, I would further argue that it’s time conservatives adopt some of these simple tactics. To leave the door open to all who are willing to accept our basic principles .. but to shun those who have shunned us. To withhold every common courtesy, consideration, and relationship, both business and personal, to organizations and individuals, who vocally or who by their silence, support the growth of the state at the cost of our individual liberties.

To that end I must agree and urge you to join Ann-Marie Murrell in saying goodbye to the Main Steam Media!

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