What Difference a Day Makes

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By Guest Blogger Beth Pepoy

Back in high school I remember watching how quickly my peers elevated each other to popularity only to take it away the next day because that one individual failed to go along with the group.  The cycle would repeat itself regularly.  Daunting and contrite these certain individuals that formed this unique bond of endless unity often enjoyed casting stones at those whom differ from them, and laughed at their own malicious fodder.

On rare occasion that lone individual would do something that the whole school was talking about and would find themselves thrust into a prime seat at the lunch table.  Somehow over the weekend that somebody would be thrown off the island and once again exiled from the great lunch table of the chosen.

On June 27, 2012 Chris Matthews was exercising his right (sorry I mean left) to call Chief Justice Roberts; Chief Justice Roger B. Taney, whom in March 1857 delivered the opinion of the Supreme Court to rule against the plaintiff Dred Scott and concluded he was never free but still indeed a slave (click here, for an over view on Dred Scott vs. Sanford) (Click here for the actual text of the case).

The comparison would be baffling if you never watched Matthews or MSNBC, or irrelevant if you had forgotten the Dred Scott Decision all together.  Perhaps, this why Matthews and those alike continue to run their opinions as if they are actually fact based instead of their version of it and continue to lose viewers.

To see the supercilious absurdity in action watch this:


Not only does Matthews go beyond the media bias for all things left of center he also fails to realize that Chief Justice Taney was a democrat.

But wait there’s more!!

On June 28, 2012 Matthews declares Chief Justice Roberts a hero!  What? Huh? Why? Simple; Chief Justice Roberts appeared to rule in favor of Obamacare, thus garnering a seat at Matthew’s lunch table. Don’t believe me?  Just click the link below and watch for yourself.


While the opinions may vary on the Chief Justice’s decision to vote with the more liberal justices and alienating the conservatives. There may in all probability more to the actual story then what Matthews defines as heroic, I encourage anyone to read varying viewpoints and not let media bias determine it for you (click here and click here for examples).

In one day according to the ever refutable Matthews–Chief Justice Roberts has gone from zero to hero in 24 hours. Regardless of the ruling Matthews’s display of willful contempt one day to the hailing of the Chief Justice the next was yet another blatant display of media bias.

What will happen when the Chief Justice no longer appears to sides with the liberals of the Supreme Court Justices?   How will Matthews and others of his bias react then? As rhetorical as these questions are, one would venture to ask just one more.

When will Matthews’ get thrown off the island and be replaced at the lunch table?


About the author: Beth Pepoy has written several published articles for Yahoo Voices and for Yahoo News. She has been featured on the website PolitiJim’s Rants for Reasonable People, and has been published on several on line newspapers including Redeye Daily.

She currently blogs on her own site: http://runinmystocking.wordpress.com
Beth resides in Baton Rouge, Louisiana
Follow Beth on twitter: http://twitter.com/bpepoy or @bpepoy

References: Dred Scott Decision: Original Works by Joe Ryan @ AmericanCivilWar.com
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Forbes.com article by guest blog Veta T. Richardson

5 thoughts on “What Difference a Day Makes

  1. Well done Beth. Matthews and those of his ilk suffer from a convenient form of amnesia. Their Constitution is alive, their opinions are evolving, and their reality is unreal.

    (I think MSNBC is where you end up after you have been asked to leave the lunch table.)

  2. Way to go Beth, I mean Elizabeth!! The MSM is such a joke!! They all know Trevon Martin’s name, DOB, shoe size, etc.. But they cannot get Agent BRIAN TERRY’S name correct!!

    Keep doing what you do, it’s people like you that tell the truth and hopefully people will begin to listen!!

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