Indiana High School Student Expelled Over Profane Tweet

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Austin CarrollEver wonder what schools can and can’t do to a student after school hours? Well, if you attend Indiana’s Garrett High School, they can expel you. According to a recent story, Garrett High senior Austin Carroll was recently expelled from school after he posted a rather profane tweet on his personal Twitter account.

Did the tweet target the school? No. Another student or teacher at the school? No. Was it threatening? No. Was it violent? Nope. Was it possibly stupid and unnecessary? Probably, but that still doesn’t justify the punishment. Austin’s exact tweet was as follows: “F*** is one of those F****** words you can F****** put anywhere in a F****** sentence and it still F******* makes sense.” If you can’t fill in the blanks then stop reading this immediately.

What we have here is a high school senior attempting to be funny on a site where, I’m assuming, many of his peers would be able to see the message. For this message and this message alone, Austin was removed from Garrett High School a mere three months before his senior graduation.

Many of you are probably trying to justify this in your heads. The only thing you can probably think of is whether or not Austin sent this tweet during school hours or from a school computer. And the answer to that is also no. According to Austin, he sent the tweet from his personal computer at around 2:30 in the morning.

Austin stated in an interview, “If my account is on my own personal account, I don’t think the school or anybody should be looking at it. Because it’s my own personal stuff and it’s none of their business.” But how did the school find out about the tweet? Is Austin followed by his teachers or did a brown-nosing student report him?

According to the school’s principal, regardless of whether the tweet was sent from home or, indeed, whether a school computer was used, the school may track students’ tweets. Austin may have simply logged onto the school’s internet connection the next day, hopped on Twitter and had all of his tweets tracked by the school’s system.

Regardless, there seems to be more than enough evidence that proves Austin sent the tweet in the early hours of the morning, even though the school is reportedly maintaining that the tweet was sent with its IP address. It honestly doesn’t matter where the tweet was sent from. Does something like this justify complete expulsion from school? I say nay, nay.

Garrett High School is no longer commenting on the incident per advice from its attorney, and students have gotten behind Austin. Some students even threatened to protest, so much so that the police were called to address the potential issue. What say you? Does Austin deserved to be expelled for his, albeit, dumb tweet?

Source: Yahoo! – High school expels student for tweeting f-word

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