Canucks Fans Riot After 2011 Stanley Cup Loss

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2011 Stanley Cup riotsOne week ago some of the most absurd things I have ever heard about happened with our neighbors to the north in Canada. I am talking, of course, about the Stanley Cup riots. That’s right, the Vancouver Canucks lost in the Stanley Cup finals 4-0 to the Boston Bruins and Canucks fans were not happy.

Now as fans of professional sports, we all have to endure the bitter taste of defeat every now and then. Most fans simply take their frustration out on Facebook or in conversations around the office water cooler the next day, but not Canucks fans. No, they decided to break out into a full scale riot, destroying cars, shops and a whole host of public and private property.

Seriously, Vancouver? Seriously? Your hockey team loses a game so you break out into a riot? Nothing like that has EVER happened where I’m from and I live in Cincinnati! The only teams I can root for are the Bengals and the Reds, talk about coping with defeat.

The fact that fans in Vancouver started a riot over the Stanley Cup finals is beyond absurd. These riots not only endangered people’s lives but also cost people thousands of dollars in damages and were severe enough to require police in full riot gear including riot shields and tear gas.

Is it true what they say? Is hockey really that important in Canada? To me this is just baffling, that a single game could be the cause of so much destruction. Standing up for something you believe in is one thing but to initiate a full scale riot over a freaking hockey game is just ridiculous in every sense of the word. The worst part is that this isn’t the first time this has happened. The exact same thing happened back in 1994, with Canucks fans rioting over the team’s  loss in the Stanley Cup.

With news like this, it really doesn’t surprise me as to why not a lot of countries take Canada seriously. Check the video below for some up close and personal footage from the riots.

Canucks Fans Riot After 2011 Stanley Cup Finals Loss

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Congress, Sex Scandals and Weiner – Just Another Day for the Democrats

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Anthony WeinerWhat’s more ridiculous than Representative Anthony Weiner’s last name? Probably all this sex scandal stuff that he is getting caught up in. The Democratic House Representative is being asked by numerous officials to resign from his position in Congress. However, Weiner is being defiant having declared that he is not resigning from Congress, despite the call from House Democratic colleagues to do so.

In a New York Post interview, Weiner responded with “I’m not” in response to a question about him resigning the position he has held since 1999. The reporter then asked about Weiner’s wife Huma Abedin’s pregnancy and the sex of the child, both of which Weiner had no comment on.

In a statement from Weiner, the Congressman said, “Look, I’ve betrayed a lot of people and I know it and I’m trying to get back to work now and  try to make amends to my constituents and to my family of course.”

However, despite Weiner’s apologies, it is no surprise that the Congressman’s sexual activity on the internet, which included sending explicit photos to young women, has made a lot of his colleagues very uncomfortable. The fact that Weiner refuses to resign is in direct defiance to calls from over half-a-dozen of his colleagues who want Weiner out of Congress.

The highest ranking House Democrat to call for Weiner’s resignation was Representative Allyson Schwartz from Pennsylvania. The spectrum of those wanting Weiner to resign was broad and included everybody from highly liberal Democratic Representative Earl Blumenauer to the more conservative Representative Larry Kissell. Other Representatives, like Michael Michaud, Niki Tsongas, Joe Donnelly and Mike Ross, are all jumping on board as well. Even some Senators, like Patrick Leahy and Mark Pryor, are asking for Weiner’s resignation.

A White House spokesman has stated that the White House has no official comment on Weiner, his actions or him being asked to resign. Even Republican Representative Jason Chaffetz of Utah, who attended Weiner’s wedding, has stated that he thinks the New York Representative should step down and so did House Majority Leader Eric Cantour. Fellow New York Representative Peter King has stated that Weiner’s clout in Washington has been diminished.

When asked if it were possible for more pictures to surface, Weiner stated, “As I said when I spoke at the press conference on Monday that I exchanged inappropriate things with people and I think that I’ve now got to deal with those consequences.”

As long as naked pictures of Hillary Clinton don’t surface, I think I will be fine.

Source: Politico – Anthony Weiner: No Plans to Resign

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