Hotel Spa in the Canary Islands Re-Creates Life in the Womb

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The Womb RoomIn the short 21 years I have spent on this planet I have had the fortune (or misfortune) of seeing some truly bizarre and downright weird things. But never have I seen something that can make you feel like you are back inside the womb of your mother as an infant child, until now.

A spa located in the Canary Islands has created a room that is said to recreate what it was like to be in the womb of a living person. “The Womb Room” is a part of the Corallium Spa at Gran Canaria’s Lopesan Costa Meloneras resort which includes a full range of features designed to “re-create the journey of life starting with where it all began: the womb.”

The entrance to the room, otherwise known as “the neck of the uterus”, is a passageway fashioned out of pink carpet. The treatment room itself contains pink carpet dashed with red fabric. The treatment room also revolves slowly in order “to simulate a giant umbilical cord.”

The room is low-lit and filled with “blood-colored” waterbeds that are “designed to indicate the amniotic sac.” Music, which the hotel staff describes as “breathy”, is filtered into the room in order to re-create the noises heard inside the womb.

In a statement from a hotel spokeswoman, “According to recent research, around 60% of adults suffer from sleep problems and one-third from insomnia. The Womb Room could be the answer to those restless nights.” The spokeswoman also added that customer feedback about “The Womb Room” was very positive.

“The Womb Room” is open to any and all guests who book a treatment at the hotel’s spa. Prices for treatments start at 35 euros (roughly $48 US).

I don’t know about you, but that is definitely one of the strangest things I have ever heard of. It appears that the hotel’s goal is to help people with sleeping problems or insomnia, which is admirable, but trying to have the experience of being in the womb just doesn’t seem like a comfortable position to me. I mean, there is a reason we only stay in there for nine months.

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