Justin Bieber Has It Rough

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A lot can be said for the perks of being famous. The money, the popularity, the ability to have everything you could ever want, the possibilities seem endless. Tween super star Justin Bieber has made himself a household name and a favorite subject of all things teenage and female. Boys in high schools across the world probably pine to be him, if only to get the attention of one special girl, but in reality Bieber has it rougher than imagined. In his light speed ascent to fame he has acquired quite a few big name enemies.

Bieber’s biggest enemy seems to be  internet image board 4chan. Earlier this year a photo surfaced of Justin Bieber with the less-than-angelic Kim Kardashian, and this sparked 4chan users to hop on their desktops and trend the phrase “Justin Bieber Syphilis” to the top of Google trends in the US. A few hours into the campaign the search phrase was pushed to number one on Google trends, promoting bloggers to jump on the bandwagon and write blogs containing the phrase to boost their own hits.  Of course, Bieber is disease free, but this was only the beginning for the poor little guy.

Justin Bieber soon learned the hard way that once 4chan smells blood, there is no calling them off. One of Bieber’s many websites posted a poll asking fans to vote on which company that Bieber should play a special concert in. Everything went as planned at first, with many hits for the expected countries, until 4chan got a hold of the website and poll. Within hours the votes soared and a clear winner emerged. Legitimate fan girls pouted, and it’s likely that Bieber peed his pants a little when his next destination was revealed: North Korea. No trip to the beaches of Australia or rural America for Bieber! Instead it appeared he was destined to rock out with Kim Jong-il. Bieber, of course, did not go, his security would never allow it. Who can blame him?

Pranks like this are good for a laugh but also serve to remind us that being famous isn’t all it is cracked up to be. You may get all of the ladies before you can even drive, but you also may get scheduled to perform in dangerous dictatorships.
So next time you’re feeling bitter about someone like Bieber, remember that he has problems too, just not like the ones we do.

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