Apples newest innovation: The Macbook Wheel! Just kidding.

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Apple has been the scapegoat lately for a lot of rage among the technology community. In reality, they were probably asking for it. Come on Apple, we’re not holding the phone wrong, you messed up. Also, when am I going to get Flash on my Iphone? Seriously guys, get it together! Maybe this new laptop will change the public’s mind about Apple and its recent shortcomings. Or maybe not.


Well, what do you think? Fantastic? World changing? Personally, I am most excited for 19 whole minutes of battery life! I can almost write half of an email on my new wheel keyboard in that time.

While it is clear that the Macbook Wheel is a joke, is it hitting a little too close to home for Apple? The Onion strikes the nail straight on the head with this video, and even Mac fans can chuckle over some points it makes. Apple has garnered a reputation for being high-handed and arrogant. This fake product may seem ridiculous, but it is likely someone would indeed purchase it and hail its wonderful wheel as the next step in computer technology.  The truth is, some people will really buy anything shiny and made by Apple. Apple seems to make people react one of two ways: it is most likely love or hate. Opinions are everywhere about the Ipad, the Ipod, Iphone, and everything else bearing that Apple logo. So are we falling too far into Mac-mania? What will be the next inovation in simplicity, and will it run Flash? Questions are abound!

One thought on “Apples newest innovation: The Macbook Wheel! Just kidding.

  1. I saw that video and had a good laugh. I can’t believe that people actually thought it was real because it’s clearly ridiculous and all of the horrid features were being glorified.
    I’ve been buying Apple’s computers since 1998 when I bought my first iMac. I LOVE all of the products I have bought and used, including my iPhone 3G and iPhone 4 and have never been displeased with what I have gotten from Apple. That being said, I will never buy a MacBook Air or get Apple TV because they simply don’t appeal to me. Not all Mac Addicts are psycho. 🙂

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