We're still unemployed and our country is broke. And other stuff the media skipped this week.

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If you were an alien, the outer space kind, not the illegal kind, and you watched any of the major news networks, you’d have no idea that we have a $13,310,379,000,000.00 debt, or that we lost another 500,000 jobs last week. What you would have learned is that a majority of Americans think Obama is a Muslim and that there’s a mosque/community center being contested in lower Manhattan. That’s pretty much it. Kind of scary huh?

The problem is, Obama’s religion isn’t relevant to my quest to find gainful employment. As more and more Americans become unemployed, give up on finding new employment and struggle to put food on the table and keep the lights on, we all should be focusing on our future, not our president’s past. I realize it really matters to some, but at this point in time it doesn’t really increase my likelihood of finding a job. The most frustrating aspect of it is, I can’t really blame the media; no one has a good solution, not even Congress! But that doesn’t mean that we should be sweeping it all under the rug and ignoring the number one problem in this country: JOBS!

Aside from the lack of jobs in this country, we have a growing national debt. $13 trillion dollars is nothing to sneeze at. Again, very minimal coverage. But what will get covered: Lindsay Lohan’s jail stay. Are you kidding me??? Who cares about a failure of an actress serving time at the LA County Country Club for a few weeks? I certainly don’t. Now, I’d care if she was going to get all her Hollywood friends to donate their salaries to pay down some of our debt, but they’re not, so I don’t. I realize that we need a break from all of the bad news we’re being inundated with on a daily basis, but we can’t forget about the stuff that truly matters and that are truly a threat to our security, well being and growth.

Instead of listening to real debate about how Obama’s mortgage aid program has been an utter failure and complete waste of money, we learned about a former Illinois governor’s hair, weird Elvis obsession and trial verdict. Yes! Precisely what I wanted to know about. (Ok, I had a slight interest in the trial, simply because it’s been a hot mess since it started. Sue me! I love the occasional train wreck!) The thing here is, The Blago Trial is big-ish news, and corrupt politicians are a serious national concern, but it’s turned into nothing but a damn circus and very reminiscent of the O.J. trial; which, at it’s conclusion was nothing but a big huge joke. The troublesome issue here is that many Americans were really behind the president’s $75 billion housing program. Many people felt the money would be helpful to fix the problem, and now we’re learning that it not only failed, but 50% of the people who participated in the program have failed too! It has done nothing to slow the increase of foreclosures and the decrease of property values.

I’m sure there are a hundred stories I’m missing here, but I can’t write forever. The thing is, there is so much happening, I’m starting to think Americans are suffering from “bad news fatigue”. I know I get burned out sometimes and have to take a break. But I fear that now it seems to be getting to the media too, or maybe they just don’t know what to report on anymore, it’s all crazy and insane out there. That said, it is easier to discuss Lohan-gate than to tackle the pesky and often headache-inducing topic of unemployment. Hell, I think I’m fatigued and I just barely scratched the surface on the subjects.

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