Kill Cracker Babies

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At a festival celebrating African heritage racist, King Samir Shabazz sputs hatred toward, as he puts it, crackers, a slang term for white people.


There is virturally no tv coverage of this with the exception of Fox News despite the fact that the self proclaimed ‘king’ of the New Black Panther Party is telling his mostly African American audience to kill white people and their babies for freedom.

“Kill all the White People, Kill Cracker Babies and I Hate White People, every iota of a cracker.” – quotes from King Samir Shabazz

Is this not news made by a political person from a political party?

Is it because the DOJ in bed with the Black Panther party that the major TV network news programs don’t even mention King Simir Shabazz.

King Samir Shabazz is the gentlemen who was carrying the¬†billie club¬†and threatening white people at a public polling place (video below). The King provided Obama with support via violence and intimidation against white people so they wouldn’t vote for the white candidate.


Yet despite the video evidence, the DOJ has dropped the federal lawsuit against the New Black Panthers for ‘purely racial reason’ according to former DOJ attorney J. Christian Adams.

So now we have a possible corrupt DOJ, a Racist spewing hate speech and yet we have almost no real coverage of these anti-white person events.

Now throw in Malik Shebazz, the Black Panther Chairman who can be summed up as saying that killing white babies is ok, as long as it is in context. Chairman Malik refuses to say what ‘context’ is acceptable for killing white babies.

Hate speech is only covered in one direction. If you want to hear all the tv news you have to include Fox News in your daily lineup of tv news sources. Otherwise you are missing a large segment of what is going on in this country.

How absurd that only one network news channel covers the anti-white news.

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3 thoughts on “Kill Cracker Babies

  1. Racisim by anyone, white, African-American or others is wrong. We should be judged by the content of our character, not by our color, creed, or sex.

    Any racist hiding in the Republican party or the Democrat party should be removed from that party post haste. Racisim is an evil that festers like a boil until its own corruption kills the host.

    Those that try and work toward an un-equal union deny everyone’s Constitutional rights. Our goal should be that All men are created equal by their Creator. That all have inalienable rights from their Creator as declared and attested by the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution of the United States of America & its Bill of rights.

    I found this website by trying to understand “Malik Shebazz.” The first video confirms what I feared.

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