Bush Lied, Fish Died

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If Bush were president right now, what would be said by the absurd media? The Oil man president would be screwed, glued and tattooed.

Here would be some headlines if Bush were still president:

Bush Lied, Fish Died
(LaTimes) Sacremento, CA – President Bush said that all oil rigs are safe yet, here we are with another Haliburton disaster. “Fish will never be harmed by our oil, right Dick?” said President Bush

Bush waits till after Desert to Visit His Oil Spil
(NYT) New York, NY – He knew about it while he was eating his oil and vinegar salad, but how long did it take to respond? The oil was leaking during appetizers, salad, the main entre and it wasn’t until desert when Bush finally asked about the details of the worst man made disaster in the world.

Bush Knew about Oil Spill in Advance
(Washington Post) Washington DC – Bush knew before there was an explosion. He and Dick Chaney were plotting a way to increase our dependence on foreign oil when they came up with their brilliant plan to blow up the oil rig while blaming North Korea.

On the other hand, the media let the Obama Administration defend their postion over and over and over again. “This was a situation that was treated as a possible catastrophic failure from day one,” Janet Napolitano, homeland security secretary, said 16 times on NBC.

Its all BP’s and Haliburton’s fault, not the president. Now go away, its time for lunch.

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