9/11 Truther, Lawrence O’Donnell, Loses His Mind–LIVE!

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Truthers can be a scary lot. As seen in this video of 9/11 troofer, Lawrence O’Donnell on the Morning Joe. He viciously attacks Marc Thiessen sternly pointing his finger at the camera while saying that Bush invited 9/11. From there you hear Joe Scarborough in the background saying, “Lawrence…Lawrence…” off camera he’s probably looking nervously at a producer or boom mic operator trying to figure out who’s going to come and tackle O’Donnell like a linebacker to make him shut up. But no one comes to save O’Donnell from his on screen meltdown. Instead, we get a full minute of insanity. Thiessen tries to form a rebuttal but can’t quite overpower the crazy.

My favorite line comes from Joe: “We’re going to break, RIGHT NOW,” as he pulls his mic closer to his mouth, “We’ll be right back and I’m going to be interviewing Marc, by myself.”

3 thoughts on “9/11 Truther, Lawrence O’Donnell, Loses His Mind–LIVE!

  1. This Lawrence O’donnell is an arrogant asshole, who’s blind hatred for president Bush has completely taken over his whole reasoning. Does he completely overlook that 9/11 had been in the works for close to 7 years, hmmm who was the president during that time? Clinton did nothing to prevent or retaliate other than fire a couple cruise missiles.
    after the 9/11 attack the Bush cabinet kept America safe from other attacks till the crisis that happened January 20, 2009. That safety was only provided by the interrogations by the CIA program and the war Bush waged on terrorism, he kept them running not giving them safe solidtude to plan another attack. Now Obama has shut down the Interrogation program the most effect means of our terror prevention.
    These Liberal anti-bushers and 9/11 conspiracy theorists are cracking and falling apart.

  2. I like that one. ” AFTER the 911 attack , the Bush cabinet kept America safe” The president was WARNED and did NOTHING. Spin it any way you want to BRUCE

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