Chris Matthews *Hearts* Sarah Palin?

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Chris Matthews Sarah PalinLike most of the rest of the country, I don’t watch NBC and I don’t think I have since “Friends” went off the air. Heck, until this week, I didn’t even know Conan O’Brien had taken over “The Tonight Show.”  I used to watch “Sunday Night Football,” until they added Keith Olbermann to the mix, and then I decided six hours of football was enough for one day. And I certainly don’t watch any of their “news”/political programming. I can’t even tell you where the network’s  liberal little sister, MSNBC, falls on my cable channel line-up or what time that show with that one chick who kind of looks like a mix between my 8th grade gym teacher and Anderson Cooper comes on. But what I can tell you is this: Chris Matthews has got to be one of the most vile human beings on earth.

What does one person have to have happen in their lifetime that makes them become so angry and hateful? I don’t watch “Hardball,” but it seems as though Matthews makes some other network’s  headlines every other day by putting someone down, taking things out of context and just flat-out lying about people he obviously doesn’t like or want to understand. This week alone, Matthews has gotten his thrills by by putting words in Rush Limbaugh’s mouth and calling tea party attendees “racists,” and obsessively calling Sarah Palin stupid and out-of-touch. 

I have to admit, I find his obsession with Sarah Palin kind of strange since she seems to be the person most likely NOT to give him a tingle up his leg.  But after watching a few clips from his shows, I’m willing to bet she gives him a tingle somewhere else.  Seriously, if you find someone to be such a waste of space, why would you spend the precious minutes of your national television show putting them down? We know it’s not for the ratings; Matthews bashes her consistently and has for the last year and a half, but as of the end of December, he was averaging, oh, about 58,000 viewers and  his numbers seem to be steadily declining. 

So, what did Matthews have to say this week?  First of all, upon announcing Palin had signed on to be a Fox News contributor, Matthews asked, “How can she be a pundit? She doesn’t know anything.”  Don’t worry, Chris, most of us wonder the same thing about you.

But on Thursday, after Palin appeared on Glenn Beck’s show (a show that coincidentally attracted over three million viewers; how many times does 58,000 go into three million?), Beck asked her who her favorite Founding Father was. Palin answered the question by essentially saying “all of them” and explaining why she said that, but eventually said she favored George Washington. Of course, this answer wasn’t good enough for Matthews, who if I had to guess, probably hates all the Founding Fathers for, ya know, founding this horrible country. He insinuated that Palin had no idea what she was talking about, that she was totally clueless on American history, and this is what makes her so darn out-of-touch. Yes, because when I think of out-of-touch, unpatriotic Americans, Sarah Palin is the first person who comes to mind.  Matthews said,

“You know in school when you didn’t read the book and you had to answer the essay question of the book and you hadn’t read it. “I thought the book was interesting at times, sometimes it was boring but a lot of it was very interesting.” The book you didn’t read. That’s her story. America is the book she didn’t read and yet she’s running around the country as this patriotic icon of American what? She doesn’t know us.”

Earlier in the week, Matthews took several other shots at Palin, while interviewing the authors of the book Game Change.  He had lines like, “Is it possible that her head was really that empty?…Has she ever taken an SAT afternoon exam,” “don’t put her on Jeopardy,” and something about “neo-cons” taking a “cruise to Alaska” where Palin was “standing at the docks with an empty head saying, ‘I’m willing to say what you want me to say.'”

I really don’t get why Matthews is so obsessed with her. As I said, it’s not like it’s helping his ratings. And I can’t think of any other single political commentator who appears to have such a need to constantly put down a person who doesn’t even hold a political office anymore and hasn’t in six months.  George W. Bush not withstanding.  Sure, people like Beck and Limbaugh are constantly picking on Obama, but um, he actually has the power to do things that affect their lives. Is he threatened? Is he jealous? Is it some sort of weird pent-up sexual energy (hey, if the POTUS gives him tingles, you never know). Maybe it’s a little bit of all the above, but I can’t help but picture Matthews, sitting in his home at night, cutting out articles and pictures of the former governor and taping them to his wall like some sort of crazed lunatic.

Here’s my advice to Matthews:  instead of focusing so much energy on someone who is essentially a private citizen, someone you, yourself, have dubbed unintelligent and irrelevant, how about focusing on the people who do matter?  When questioned about your biased reporting, you said, “My job is to help this country.”  How do you help the country by making the same old tired jokes about Sarah Palin? Don’t you owe your viewers more than letting on how much she gets under your skin?  Or are you such an elitist jackass that your show is not about helping this country or your viewers, but helping your self-centered agenda?

9 thoughts on “Chris Matthews *Hearts* Sarah Palin?

  1. Buuut SP isn’t a private citizen, hasn’t been since August of ’08 as far as I’m concerned.

    That being said, the left is tired of Limbaugh, and the like, they figured out that they aren’t running for office, and the more they talk about them the more money they (Limbaugh, Hannity, ect…) make. The problem with Palin is that she’s “technically” not running for anything, yet making the rounds on the political scene as if she were. I know that’s debatable, but let’s face it, Sarah Palin’s hot right now, people want her involved in their projects, PACs, talking at their events, because she draws a crowd. Her followers are willing to throw money at her and that scares them. I can’t think of anyone else who’s capable of that right now.

    Chris Matthews isn’t a man of substance, and he’s one of those people that feels good about himself by knocking someone else, you know, that whole deflection thing… That’s all it is. He’s a smug, elitist jackass with no intention of “helping this country”. His role is to follow the liberal agenda and nothing more. He couldn’t have an independent thought if he was paid. Wait…he is paid, and still…can’t quite manage to do it.

  2. I think its just Queen Bee syndrome. Chris (an androgynous name BTW) is just jealous that Sarh looks so much better in running shorts than Chris does. The fact that she is 100 times smarter just adds fuel to the fire.

  3. Well, when a politician leaves office, they’re considered a private citizen, whether they remain in the public eye or you see it that way or not.

    Going after her for political gain would be like Limbaugh constantly going after some liberal actor. As of right now, she has no actual control over anything, she’s basically a media star.

    Anyway, agree with you on Matthews, just felt the need to call him out because he’s vile and disgusting. And what does it say about his employer than they’ll keep a vile and disgusting person who only gets 58,000 viewers on the air? I don’t care that he’s liberal, to each their own, it’s just his obsessesion with putting other people down that I find super distasteful and he flat out lies and makes crap up.

    It’s just like him calling the tea party people folks racists. I don’t have a problem with people who don’t like Palin, but can we get past the “don’t put her on Jeopardy” comments? She’s obviously good enough to have gotten where she is and we’ve established that half of the stuff said about her (ie: thought Africa was a country) was made up.

    But anyway, I originally titled this post “This week in Chris Matthews” and was going to talk about his tea party & limbaugh quotes as well, but didn’t have time to finish it LOL

    • You can’t pull the “private citizen” card when you’re very public and on TV/radio 3-4 times a week. The only time she’s a private citizen is when she’s at home with her family away from the cameras. And until the “news nazis” figure out how to bug her house, she’s safe there. But anytime she opens her mouth in front of a microphone or camera, there’s no private anything. It’s fair game.

      I’m not defending Matthews, that guy is disgusting. I’m just saying, anything on TV is fair game, ANYTHING. The right uses it against the left and the left uses it against the right. That’s how the game is played. It gets really dumb when you have people like matthews who have to resort to 3rd grade playground tactics.

      • Actually, according to the dictionary, a private citizen is anyone who doesn’t hold a public office. This is what I meant. Geoge Bush and Bill Clinton are also private citizens. Chris Matthews is a private citizen. Doesn’t mean they are not public figures, but they no longer have the power to make or change laws that affect our lives.

        But anyway, that doesn’t matter. My point is yes, it is fair game. Not saying Matthews and anyone else doesn’t have the right to say this crap, just like you and I have the right to post blogs about crap we think is stupid. I’m just disappointed that he can’t act like a grown-up. The constant “she’s a moron” comments are getting old and making him look very immature and bitter jackass. Not to mention the constant going after someone who doe snot have the ability to make/change laws. That’s why I used the term “private citizen.”

      • LOL! Don’t be disappointed in Chris Matthews, he lives up to our expectations and never fails to deliver. ROFL!! The fact that he can’t let go of a target like the rabid dog he is give us fodder to write these posts. Bless his little heart and lets hope he NEVER goes away. *puke*

        PS: You know damn well I wasn’t talking about the dictionary definition of the phrase. But in your quest to defend Mrs Palin you proved my point. She does have power, by throwing money she makes in her PAC to political candidates, THAT is MORE powerful than holding any public seat. THAT’S why the left is so afraid of her and why some on the right should be too.

    • Dude, I am not trying to defend Palin! My original post included Limbaugh and tea party people but I ran out of time. You are all up in arms b/c you don’t like her! LOL

      Aside from the definition of “private citizen,” I think we’re on the same side here. I was using the dictionary definition for the sake of my argument. There are 40 GOP Senators who can change our lives dramatically tomorrow. Sure, Palin may influence things and eventually be legislating, but she can’t go vote for health care tomorrow. If I had a fancy little TV show, I’d be more concerned with that at the moment.

      I’m not disagreeing with you, there are just many points here and we’re focused on different ones, and yes, it’s probably b/c we like/don’t like her.

  4. American populist supports Sarah Palin. American populists should not vote Palin. Instead, American populists must install Sarah Palin now as president of the United States, if they want to preserve their democracy.

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