Katie Couric’s Pure Poetry!

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Pure. Poetry. It would bring a tear to my eye if the smell of sickening liberal bias wasn’t making me nearly lose my lunch.

(h/t Gateway Pundit)

Yeah, it’s the same Katie who was caught doing some dirty dancing in front of small children. I’m guessing she’s finally realized that her credibility is gone and this is her way of trying to audition for a job at MSNBC as Keith Olbermann’s “intern”.

FoxNews Pulls the Plug on YouTube Channels

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Reported yesterday at Gawker, and Raw News, FoxNews has sent out DMCA take down notices to YouTube channel owners.

In both the stories above, they claim they were attacks on liberal bloggers. And it certainly looked that way because the first one to go down was News1News, the most used YouTube channel for liberal bloggers. The owner of the channel was sent a DMCA take down notice and all his uploaded content was gone. Also gone, every video on every blog that ever used that channel, including sites like Huffington Post, Gawker, Mediate, and others. The liberal bloggers were in a frenzy and claimed it was a new war on FoxNews. Initially it looked like an extreme case of FOXNEWS vs Liberal Bloggers.

By the end of the night, there were more channels being taken down by FoxNews. GlennBeckDailyClips, a channel many conservatives use to catch clips of FoxNews commentator Glenn Beck, and ConservativeNation were both suspended. ConservativeNewMedia, another popular conservative YouTube channel, took down all of their FoxNews content but their channel remains.

There’s no telling what FoxNews’ motive is here. Yes, its technically their content, and they are full within their rights to pull the plug, but to prevent MILLIONS of people from accessing these YouTube channels also prevents Millions of people from viewing the shows and content of FoxNews. Maybe they’re just trying to drive traffic to their site, where you can also find videos to embed on your blogs/websites. But if you’re like me and nearly everyone else who uses a free blog service, like wordpress, what you see below is as far as you’ll get to an embedded video on your blog.

NOT A VIDEO!—> Watch the latest business video at FOXBusiness.com

Instead we’re going to have to link to videos. So if you feel like watching one, here’s a link to the “Greg-alogue”, from RedEye last night.

WTF FoxNews?!?!

Update: Since I can still add YouTube Videos, here’s a interview with Rupert Murdoch which could explain the motive for Fox to remove their YouTube content, money. (h/t @Stefan_MK1)

Media Political Correctness

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With the events unfolding after the Fort Hood shooting last week, many of the people I know have commented on the issue of “political correctness”. Reality is, we’re all politically correct most of the time, although we call it “social decency” or whatever euphemism you choose to use. We refrain from using vulgar language in front of our grandparents, children, bosses, etc. I know, its NOT really the same thing, but it kind of is, we avoid certain actions to prevent being offensive to someone else, which is totally okay for most of us. And in the wake of America electing the first African-American president (although, since we’re calling a spade a spade today, he’s half black and half white), race and religion have been hot button issues in this country. But there’s a fine line between not wanting to hurt someone’s feelings and reporting the news, unfortunately the American media takes it too far and will avoid offending anyone, at any cost.

The events of November 5th, 2009 were horrific, the nation was once again glued to the T.V., watching CNN, FOXNEWS or MSNBC to see what what happening. By the time the news broke, the situation was over and the speculation began. I was on twitter when the news of the shooters name was released, Major Nidal Malik Hasan, and instantly the tweets/conversations turned to anger. I saw tweets about how we need to ban all Muslim soldiers from the military since they can no longer be trusted, and others about how we should refrain from snap judgments solely based on the name of the (at the time) alleged shooter. Fine, we can all respect everyone’s point of views and opinions. But the weirdest thing was that almost no one used the word, “terrorist” or “terrorism” UNTIL the name of the shooter was made public.

Then we had the fall out from the news networks, reports that Shepard Smith (FOX) refused to say the name until it has been independently confirmed. Then there were some on the right and the left calling it a terrorist act, others simply said he snapped and went crazy. What I find to be utterly ridiculous is that if it had been a white male shooting an abortion clinic doctor…oh wait, yeah, back in June, when Dr. George Tiller was killed by a, oh what did Olbermann call him?? Oh yeah, A DOMESTIC TERRORIST. (courtesy of: Tim Graham, News Busters)

“Domestic terrorism: Dr. George Tiller — women’s health physician, performer of legal abortions — is assassinated in his church. And in the very same sentence, anti-choice zealots wash their hands of his murder and say he had it coming.

A religious jihad by fundamentalist crusaders who believe that murder is justified, their acts of violence having the intended effect of changing behavior. Our fifth story on the Countdown: Not the Taliban, not Hamas, not al Qaeda. If the brutal murder of Dr. George Tiller — the Wichita OB/GYN who, among many other things, provided abortions — does not qualify as an act domestic terrorism, what does? -Keith Olbermann”

THAT WAS THE SAME DAY OF THE SHOOTING IN KANSAS. But hey, lets contrast that with what he said the day of the Fort Hood shooting,

OLBERMANN: And there — is there an expectation that at some point, his goals and his personal goals got merged with some anti-American point of view? Is this going to wind up being classified as a terrorist act? What do you think about that aspect that so many people want to know about?

Um…really?? Its ok to call a crazy white man a domestic terrorist, but to call a man who yelled “ALLAH AKBAR!” before killing 13 of his fellow soldiers a TERRORIST is a concern? WOW.

Then we got this wonderful article by TIME, excusing the TERRORIST’S actions by saying that his mental breakdown was caused by ‘secondary trauma’. The article basically states that because he was a mental health professional who helped soldiers coming back from war (note: Maj Hasan had never seen combat) that he suffered from PTSD due to hearing about all the horrible things the soldiers had gone through. Yeah, that explains the fact that he was posting all kinds of crazy pants pro-homicide bomber crap on the internet, trying to contact Al Qaida, and why the FBI has a FILE on this guy. Good job TIME Magazine!

Why are so many people in the media afraid of hurting anyone’s feelings? The REAL peace loving Muslims won’t be offended (they really do exist, I know quite a few). Who will? The random fringe lefty groups that also hate it when you call women “chicks”, that’s it. Maybe the real problem is that all of the “news” outlets are doing so poorly that they can’t afford to offend anyone.

I don’t get why we as Americans STILL have to dance around race and religion, who the hell cares! If one black man kills another human being, do we label all black men as killers? Um, no. If a crazy white guy kills an abortion doctor, do we call ALL white people DOMESTIC TERRORISTS? (well…maybe the DHS does…but that’s another topic) No, we don’t. Same goes with Christians, Jews, and Muslims and any other religion. We understand that there are some bad people in this world and there are some really great people. If people would get their panties out of that tight bunch, we actually might be able to report the news accurately, if we could understand a few simple rules of humanity, and get rid of all the damn euphemisms, we could probably progress as a nation, you know, to actually get to that “Post-Racial America” that everyone keeps talking about but does nothing to achieve.

WTF Olbermann, you’re not news! You’re an IDIOT!!

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Ok, so its not Olbermann, sorry guys! But hey, at least his substitute is equally dim and proves my point perfectly. This clip isn’t something I’d normally get all huffy about, because, lets face it, it’s coming from MSNBC and Olbermann’s show at that, its kind of expected at this point.

The problem I have with this is the fact that Olbermann has boasted about how Fox News isn’t news, and its riddled with evil right wing views, opinions, personal attacks and no one on Fox can even breathe without their orders from the GOP. Definitely not news according to Olbermann, right? Well…his little sub today apparently didn’t get the memo.

Now, listen, I get that Olby and his little british homie hate the right, fine. But to talk about how Fox using personal attacks makes them unqualified to be a news organization. Really?? When Olbermann’s fill-in (in the first video) literally belittles Sarah Palin and mocks her intelligence by saying, “No, no ,no, no, Sarah, the election really was yesterday, they really did count the votes last night, you really did lose…big time…no kidding, just like last year.” Yep. Sounds like news to me…IN BIZARRO WORLD!

Olbermann is more of a puppet for the White House than any anchor/commentator on Fox is for the GOP. But we’re just splitting hairs, because, even though I’m a conservative, I KNOW there is a bias, and that’s fine. I know if I want to hear a right point of view, I’ll watch Fox, and if I want to hear a left point of view, I’ll watch MSNBC or CNN or network news. I’m totally fine with that, and I’m not so naive to think a bias doesn’t exist. But if the White House wants to go after the media for being biased, how about they use a little of the “equality” they speak of so much. But again, its the liberal M.O., “I don’t mean equal-equal, I mean…equal and fair for my friends…not everybody.”

So based on Olbermann’s own definition of “news” he’s apparently not news either. But of course, you won’t get his ego to admit that. Just another shining example of the ridiculous non-sense being vomited from an overly biased media outlet.

A P.S.A. From the Crazies on the Right!

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Ok, so I’m a day late, I had this article bookmarked to write about it the other day, but hell…its the weekend, sue me! A day late never hurt anyone, right??

Moving on, I came across this article in a random google search, I think my key words were, “Moonbat crazy evangelicals”, (I’m kidding, but hey, try it, it might just work) Now, I know most “normal” Americans don’t view Halloween as anything else than a fun night, dress the kiddos up in cute little costumes, the bigger kids get a bit more scary, then you run around the neighborhood gathering as much candy as you can possibly carry. Adults tend to have a different take on Halloween, but its still generally fun, go out to Haunted Houses, attend a costume party, etc. Not much devil worship happening, unless you count worshiping the Porcelain God after too much candy or alcohol, but that’s the extent of it. Of course there are the fringe groups, the Vampires, Witches and other forms of crazy that take Halloween to the extreme and celebrate it Kimberly Daniels suggests, but they’re about as rare as Christians thinking Halloween is as evil as the Devil.

Well this loon, from the Pat Robertson party of insanity, decided to write an article about how bad Halloween is for Christians. She says, “I do not buy candy during the Halloween season. Curses are sent through the tricks and treats of the innocent whether they get it by going door to door or by purchasing it from the local grocery store. The demons cannot tell the difference.” Oh for the love of all things sweet, the only demon coming from candy is the demon that makes my jeans too small! Which also happens to be the cousin of the demon that makes me want candy, but hey…I gotta give in to the dark side sometimes too.

But it gets even better, she goes on to explain all the terrible evil things that happen by the hand of demons on Halloween:

The word “occult” means “secret.” The danger of Halloween is not in the scary things we see but in the secret, wicked, cruel activities that go on behind the scenes. These activities include:

* Sex with demons
* Orgies between animals and humans
* Animal and human sacrifices
* Sacrificing babies to shed innocent blood
* Rape and molestation of adults, children and babies
* Revel nights
* Conjuring of demons and casting of spells
* Release of “time-released” curses against the innocent and the ignorant.

But the most ridiculous part about this whole story is that even Pat Roberson’s website, CBN.com, thought it was too insane for even their website and they took the story down. Amazing!!! And even more “WTF-ish” is MSNBC is one of the only “news orgs” that did a story on it! (Disclaimer: I could have missed more, but to be completely honest, one viewing of a clip was enough for me, seriously…this is insanity at its finest.) So its becoming abundantly clear that some of the seriously extreme right wing groups in this country are, well, insane! Makes all those “crazy tea-partiers” look not so crazy after all! Does this mean its the end of the world too? I can’t keep up with all the crazy.